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With the convergence of scientific advancements and compassionate care, a new chapter in addiction treatment is unfolding. Explore the potential of intravenous NAD+ infusions and GLP-1 agonists—unlocking pathways to lasting recovery and renewed hope.

Unlocking the Potential of Intravenous NAD+ and GLP-1 Agonists for Addiction Recovery

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a complex challenge affecting millions globally, yet effective treatments remain limited. But now, emerging research sheds light on promising avenues for detoxification, recovery, and sustained abstinence.

Innovative approaches utilizing intravenous NAD+ infusions and GLP-1 agonists offer new hope in battling addiction. GLP-1 agonists, Semiglutide, exhibit remarkable potential in reducing alcohol intake by acting on key brain regions associated with reward pathways.

Research suggests that GLP-1 agonists not only modulate the brain’s response to alcohol but may also influence appetite and gastric emptying, potentially curbing cravings and consumption.

Meanwhile, the therapeutic prowess of NAD+ in addiction treatment has been underscored by groundbreaking studies. Administered intravenously, NAD+ has shown remarkable efficacy in alleviating substance craving behaviors across a spectrum of addictive substances, including alcohol and opioids.

“Simply said, alcohol is a carbohydrate and GLP-1 agonists such as Semiglutide reduce carbohydrate cravings, while NAD+ infusions help to reestablish balance and improve our bodies metabolism” – Dr. Reza Danesh

Early pioneering work by Paul O’ Hollaren has highlighted the transformative impact of IV NAD+ infusions in over a hundred cases of addiction, offering a holistic and cost-effective approach to addressing addiction’s physical and psychological toll.

The ongoing investigation seeks to further validate the effectiveness of NAD+ alongside complementary amino acids in attenuating substance craving behaviors and mitigating associated psychiatric burdens.

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-Kelly Hoffman, RN – MODO MD Wellness Team