Energy Boost


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Enhance your energy level with nutrients that naturally boost physical energy and stamina.


  • B-Vitamin Blend
  • Vitamin C
  • NAD+
  • Taurine
  • Carnitine

We can add any of our Vitamin/Mineral/Amino boosters to create the perfect custom IV drip catered to your precise wellness needs.

B12-Methylcobalamin – $25

  • Energy Boost
  • Red blood cell formation
  • Nerve health

NAD+ – $50-$100

  • The ‘fountain of youth’
  • Detox & DNA Repair
  • Mental Clarity

Glutathione – $40

  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Skin Health/Anti-aging
  • Liver Detoxification

Amino Acid Blend – $40

  • Muscle Growth
  • Brain Development
  • Mood Improvement

Taurine – $25

  • Exercise Performance
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Anti-inflammatory

B12/MICC – $40

  • Increased Metabolism
  • Burn Fat Cells
  • Enhanced Performance

Vitamin D – $40

  • Immune Support
  • Bone Health
  • Mood Improvement

Anti-nausea (B6) – $25

  • Nausea Relief
  • Pregnancy Safe
  • Supports Fetal Development

IV Drip for Hydration, Therapy, & Treatment

Our IV nutrition treatments are expertly crafted to replenish your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, delivering a potent dose of nourishment directly into your bloodstream.


Say goodbye to dehydration and hello to optimal hydration levels! Our IV hydration therapy is the perfect solution for revitalizing your body and restoring balance.


Fuel your body with the energy it craves! Our IV energy boosters are designed to kickstart your vitality and leave you feeling invigorated and ready to conquer the day.


Give your immune system the support it needs to thrive! Our immune-boosting IV cocktails are packed with nutrients to help strengthen your defenses and keep illness at bay.


Tailored to your unique needs! Whether you're seeking recovery from a night out, preparing for a big event, or simply aiming to optimize your health, we offer a range of IV drip options to suit your lifestyle.

Book Your IV Drip Therapy Treatment

Get VIP Medical Treatment with IV Drips in the comfort of your home or location of your choice. Intravenous vitamin hydration is both a science and medical technique for wellness optimization, energy, anti-aging, utilizing both functional/ western medicine. MODO specializes in IV Treatment in a mobile medical format so you can enjoy your daily life unhindered.

Our IV Drip Vitamin treatments use customized formulas compounded by our exclusive pharmacy and ordered by our elite Medical team. This is why our medical grade quality treatments have medical grade results unlike “conventional” IV therapy services offered by non-medical-focused businesses. Simply ask for the concentration, dosage, and volume of the vitamins and medications administered before getting any IV treatments elsewhere and consult with a physician beforehand.

Group and event IV Drip services are also available and are discounted accordingly to group size and treatment type. Our partnered events allow for patients to conveniently find the nearest location to join. Hotel partnerships are available for consideration of MODO IV Drip Events, ask us about our locations OR ask your hotel’s concierge team about MODO IV Drip Events for more info. We also offer medical memberships and concierge packages with additional savings, find out more here.

We will contact you to confirm your scheduling.

More IV Drip Treatments

We carry an array of formulas to address any and all of your IV Drip Therapy needs.