Concierge Medical

MODO MD provides expedited medical care for all ages, addressing a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries with our emergency-trained team. Our range of healthcare options includes telemedicine, private clinic visits, house calls, and integrated wellness services, ensuring 24/7 accessibility to meet your comprehensive healthcare needs.

MODO Concierge Medicine’s membership-based primary and urgent care offers a personal, accessible, and convenient approach to healthcare. We provide direct physician access, a dedicated private care coordinator, and a range of visit options and benefits, all tailored to enhance your healthcare experience. Whether it’s a simple question or an urgent medical need, we’re here for you wherever and whenever you need it.

Membership Benefits

As a 24/7 private urgent care and medical concierge wellness center, we offer exclusive access to ER trained medical professionals and a full range of preventative care and wellness services.

  • 24/7 Physician Access
  • Unlimited Urgent Care Visits at our Medical Concierge Wellness Center in Maui (no co-pays or hidden fees!)
  • Unlimited Telemedicine Visits (from anywhere!)
  • Prescription refills
  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Expedited Referrals to Premier Specialists
  • Same-day Appointments 
  • Access to Imaging & Lab Work (across the USA)
  • Exclusive 15% Discount on all MODO Services (ie.IV Therapy, Housecalls, medications, and much more!)

Concierge Membership Annual Rates

Our concierge medical plan goes beyond conventional coverage, offering preventive care, lifestyle management, and personalized health programs to address your unique needs. With a focus on convenience and continuity, this annual plan ensures a seamless healthcare experience, fostering a partnership between you and your healthcare team for optimal well-being. Experience a new standard of healthcare with our Annual Concierge Medical Plan—where your health is our top priority.

Individual Coverage

Individual Pricing

Adults 45+: $5,000/each
Adults Under 45: $3,000/each
Children Under 18: $1,000/each

Family Coverage

Over 45 Years Old

1st Member – $5,000.00/each
2nd Member – $3,000.00/each
Additional Members – $2,000.00/each

45 Years and Under

1st Member – $3,000.00/each
Additional Members – $2,000.00/each

Under 18 Years

All Members – $1,000.00/each

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"The benefit of using Modo is the mobile doctor came to me in my space and I didn't have to be surrounded by other sick people.”