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Get private mobile medical care in the comfort of your home!

Options for telemedicine and in-person visits at MODO MD VIP Urgent Care/Wellness Clinic

Merging the traditional caring house call doctor with modern technology! MODO provides convenient mobile doctor concierge medical care anywhere with telemedicine (phone and video calls) and personalized visits by our mobile medical team. It’s never been easier or more convenient to get quality personalized medical care. 

INJURIES (lacerations/fractures) – INFECTIONS (strep throat, UTI, COVID-19) – WELLNESS (IV’s and vitamin injections), the three core components of MODO MD. 

Our staff is specialized in emergency and internal medicine with over 30 years of experience combined. MODO MD is led by Dr. Reza Danesh, a board-certified UCLA ER physician from Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles. 

MODO MD cares about the patient experience which is why we come to you in the comfort of your home, hotel, work, or location of your choice. As a mobile doctor and concierge medical care specialist MODO gives you the convenience of scheduling your medical treatments around your personal schedule, unlike traditional medical appointments that are often booked weeks in advance. 

Our Concierge Medical Services


Sprains, strains, breaks, cuts, and more, we’re here to help!


Seasonal, pre-existing and chronic illness, we have you covered!


Recover, energize, and revitalize your health, our team is ready!

COVID-19 Testing

Book a COVID-19 PCR/NAAT or Rapid Antigen test for any international travel, employment or a private event. Results in just a few hours!

Private mobile testing or in-office testing available at our new MODO MD VIP Urgent Care/Wellness Clinic.

Hours of operation:

8am – 9pm, seven days a week

Treating the world

With Better Treatment

Advanced technology means convenient reliable care. Treating patients beyond the exam room is our specialty. Our powerful mobile interface brings medical care with you on your journeys.

When you need private care, MODO MD is there

Having the luxury of a mobile medical team 24/7 is affordable and more importantly reasonable for the value and convenience.

Concierge Medical Treatment

House Call & Mobile Urgent Care Maui

IV Therapy and IV Vitamin Hydration Drips

Specialized IV treatments for immunity, COVID-19, anti-aging, beauty/wellness, hangover cures, dehydration, detox for drug/alcohol addiction, Myers’ Cocktail and NAD+

Now Available at the MODO MD VIP Urgent Care/Wellness Clinic or in the comfort of your home or hotel.

Patients Talk About Us

Your health, our Happiness

The luxury of private urgent care 24/7 is finally an affordable and reasonable value for such convenience.