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Speak to a medical specialist in 10 minutes or less!

Mobile COVID-19 Testing

We offer COVID-19 testing at your home or office, for your convenience.

  • COVID-19 PCR and/or NAAT expedited results for return to school, work, production, international travel or Hawaii pre-travel trusted partner
  • RAPID COVID-19 Antigen testing
  • Covid-19 IgG Antibody Testing

COVID-19 VACCINATION available for residents and non-residents, Flu shots, Travel Vaccinations (Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever, Meningitis) and childhood vaccinations ( Tetanus, MMR Measles, Mumps Rubella, HPV) available and more.

Mobile Urgent Care

  • Our team of highly trained ER healthcare professionals are trained to treat outpatient medical conditions and injuries for all ages.
  • Hassle-free cost-effective travel/medical experience
  • We come to your locations or visit our concierge suite in Wailea


When the unexpected happens and you get hurt, we’re here to help!




If illness strikes, we can visit you and make it all better


COVID-19 testing

Covid Test

Prompt accurate covid-19 testing at your convenience


IV Hydration Therapy


Live your best life by taking the steps to prevent problems


Private Concierge Doctor


Medical concierge services – we’re here at your beck and call


Maui Urgent Care

Urgent Care

We respond to emergencies and have a medic on staff


Speak to a medical specialist in 10 minutes or less!

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Offering FDA-approved COVID-19 PCR & Antibody Tests

Our Mobile Team

Dr. Reza

Dr. Rez, Board Certified Emergency Physician

UCLA undergraduate in marine biology, medical training at UC Davis Medical School, UW Seattle Harbor View internship, UCLA Emergency Medicine residency, licensed American Board of Emergency Medicine. Founder of MODO MD after having 15 years of ER experience and 25 years of experience in emergency medical services.


Scott, Physician's Assistant

Emergency medicine residency, trained in Arizona with honors. Over 20 years of experience, specialized in delivering the most effective acute care in an out-patient setting. Excels in wound care, laceration repairs, abscess draining, and having an excellent, up-beat bedside manner.


Mirabai, Registered Nurse

Nurse supervisor at major hospital, educated at RN Suffolk community college in Selden, NY, with over 10 years Neonatal ICU at Stony Brook’s Children Level III NICU and 6 years working at Maui Memorial Medical Center as critical care RN and Rapid Response IV start specialist. Amazing surfer and well-respected water woman who will charge bigger waves on her standup paddle board than Dr. Rez will.


Jorge, Emergency Medical Technician

ER Technician at Maui Memorial, specializing in IV care, wound management,orthopedic splints, and CPR. Corrective Exercise Specialist at NASM California. EMT at University of Hawai’i. Hawai’i preventative medicine expert and researcher. Enjoys family time, endurance sports, and speaks several languages.

Mobile unit team was waiting patiently right outside the airport, even after I was running late because of flight delays. Communicated via text before my arrival and and was greeted by a Friendly team, I felt safe and comfortable.


Rate my MD, 8/5/20

Incredible in-home service from a super friendly and supportive staff. NAD+ is amazing! It helped me tremendously studying for the bar exam. I feel like I’m running in cylinders I didn’t know I had. If you’re on Maui you’ve gotta call Dr. Danesh.


Rate my MD, 8/29/20

Dr. Rez is amazing!!! Met him on Lana’i years ago… Recently I’m now unemployed due to Covid and unable to afford health insurance. My youngest son fell off his skateboard and definitely needed some stitches! Remembering how nice Dr Rez was I new I had to call him up to help us out! He answered immediately at 7pm! And told us to swing by Paia. We were greeted with a smile and the most awesome care was given to my son! My boy even says he’s the best doc he’s ever had and he’s been to quite a few believe me! It was a stressful situation for our family, Rez went out of his way to help us and then he gave me such a good deal for his services I walked out blown away by his kindness and generosity! We not only have a new family doctor now but a lifelong friend!!! I’ve already told so many people about his services and my experience can’t say enough about him and his staff!!! He also checked with us a couple days later and is going to remove the stitches all included in the super discounted rate he gave us!


Rate my MD, 8/17/20

Extreme helpful in a time when we needed help and compassion. Great follow up to initial consultation. 5 stars.


Rate my MD, 8/15/20

I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Danesh. He’s thorough, caring, reachable and follows up. Qualities I haven’t found in doctors in a long while.


Rate my MD, 7/17/20

Dr. Rez is awesome. I had a great experience using telemedicine services from Kona hassle free no waiting rooms with germs got my medicine in 30 minutes. It was so easy.


Rate my MD, 4/8/20

Dr Danesh drained the blood out of a stubbed toe. He arrived to my residence faster than expected, which is very helpful when you are in pain. I highly recommend his services.


Rate my MD, 4/8520

Dr Reza was amazing! He was kind, had lots of good information to share. I love the mobile version of doctors. Easy to come to your home, worked his Magic and didn’t have to wait in a waiting room. Thank you for much. I would highly recommend Dr. Reza and his staff next time you need to see a doctor.


Rate my MD, 3/2520

My coworker was having a severe reaction to a bug bite. Dr. Reza showed up to our workplace within minutes of the phone call with the knowledge and medication needed to help. My coworker was able to finish her shift and skip a trip to a doctors office. He went above and beyond, following up with her and making sure her symptoms subsided. We are both very impressed and highly recommend these services. Thank you Dr. Reza!!


Rate my MD, 6/11/20

Absolutely amazing service! Dr. Reza is responsive, personable, and professional. I have been so sick in last 2 weeks constant coughing and runny nose afraid It would have taken 3 weeks just to get an appointment with my doctor and with everything that is going on with the current pandemic, going to the Urgent Care I may have risk someone getting sick from me or I could have gotten something worse. So when Dr. Reza met with me he was on top of things. He was compassionate and knew exactly what treatments I needed. He also gave me vitamin B12 shots to help my immune system. I cannot believe I let my illness lingered for 2 weeks without treatments cause 2 days after getting the treatment from Dr. Reza I was feeling so much better and 3 days later my coughing stopped. I am so thankful for all the work he is doing for our community and to all the medical staffs across the world especially during this horrific pandemic. They are truly the heroes of our time.


Rate my MD, 3/25/20