Maybe you have seen him on the HBO series, White Lotus? Or you have heard about this eccentric and well-traveled doc on the island of Maui. The board-certified ER physician has seen about everything under the sun, literally. The surf doc or doc on call as he is often titled are only a few of the names you may have heard through the grapevine, but he is more accessible than you think.

Call MODO mobile doctor and you will likely get his mug on your video consult or mobile medical call. That’s right, he answers a majority of the calls in LA and Maui through our medical call lines because he cares.

Medical Early Years

Dr. Danesh began as a UCLA undergraduate in marine biology then chose his medical training at UC Davis Medical School. From there he did his internship at UW Seattle Harbor View and residency with UCLA Emergency Medicine. As a licensed American Board of Emergency Medicine doctor, Rezas’ passion for critical care and emergency care patients gives him a wide scope of experience when treating simple acute conditions. It’s like having Alan Greenspan do your taxes!

He later founded MODO MD after having 15 years of ER experience and 25 years of experience in emergency medical services with a single branded car and a solo nurse. Today, MODO has multiple partnered locations, team members, and vehicles equipped with everything needed to treat a variety of injuries, illnesses, and wellness services.

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