There is mobile medical care and then there is MODO Mobile Doctor care. What is the difference? Take a board-certified physician straight from the emergency room, equip them with a certified and experienced team of nurses, medics, and assistants, then add the latest in mobile medical care technology AND you have the beginnings of what we offer!

Your average run-of-the-mill urgent care facilities are pushing patients through a highly “profit-driven” system that has been replicated from hospital ER’s and honed down to the lowest cost medical staff and supplies. When injury, illness, or wellness treatment stops you in your tracks the last thing you want to do is go to urgent care, isn’t that what you’re thinking right now? Imagine dialing our service and getting most of your treatment done on the spot via your mobile phone. Take it a step further by having exclusive medical services come directly to you in a MODO mobile vehicle.

No more imagining, we are already offering this VIP medical treatment because you are VIP. You don’t have to be a celebrity or pro athlete to take advantage of MODO medical care. We offer many services that start at $99 and get you going on with your daily life no matter where you are in the world.

Born from travelers, sports enthusiasts, and medical specialists, MODO was made for you. We offer memberships for individuals, couples, families, and more giving you the safety you need before, during, and after your travels. Be prepared with medicine and even testing for COVID-19 with our travel care packages. Get the treatment you need to bounce back or prevent the onset illnesses we commonly get when out of our normal environments. Even better, have medicine delivered right to your room or home at all times of the day.

We are here to help make life a little less stressful when it comes to your medical needs. MODO MD cares which is why we have our medical professionals scheduled 24/7. Simply call or visit our booking page to set your next appointment or to simply find out more about the services we offer. Safe travels!