Impacted Ear Wax

Have you ever been injured on a vacation? Paradise comes with a price, but it shouldn’t be a fortune. MODO is changing healthcare and medical urgent care around the world, starting right here in Maui!

For those visiting Maui, it may be a surprise to learn that the island has many unforeseen ways to end up needing medical care. (knock on wood)

Ear infections are one of the highest injury/illness calls we get. But the real kicker is in our treatment. What if we told you that a simple ear infection or clogged ear turned into a life-changing experience?

When we clean our ears we often push a cotton swab (Q-Tip) deep into the ear canal, which we do not recommend, and here’s why:

Inner ear diagram with impacted ear wax

  • You can damage the eardrum
  • You can leave behind particles deep in the ear
  • You can impact hardened earwax closing off the ear


So what does all this mean? Imagine creating a small hole (“puka”: a hole in the Hawaiian language) inside the ear by pushing and forcing earwax buildup and then having water get trapped behind that “puka”. The water is hard to get out and home remedies won’t help.

1 day later swelling and irritation set in and before you know it, full-on ear infection! Not the Aloha spirit you were expecting huh?

We have removed thumb-sized earwax buildup from simple water-clogged ears allowing for easier flow in and out of water AND sound. You heard right… pun intended! We have drastically improved the lives of patients who have come in for an ear infection or water-clogged ears by removing earwax buildup. No more selective hearing or excuse for not taking out the trash.

MODO cares more about healthy living and providing you with the best possible care you can get. We aren’t in-and-out urgent care that “move the meat” as others are known for being. Find out more about how we can help you and make your stay or time on the island “Piha i ke ola”  (Hawaiin for full of life).