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Your body is a vessel of various fluids and tissues that all need balance and harmony to operate at optimal efficiency. Why not have this balance under control with the right vitamins, fluid, and in some cases medications. Our convenient mobile house call options allow us to treat your wellness needs in the comfort of your home or hotel. This gives you the ability to plan your day as you wish and stay at the forefront of your health. Illness and injury prevention and recovery should be treated seriously, MODO has you covered!

Did you know that MODO also offers mental health consultations? You can extend your regular treatments with your primary health practitioner with MODO whether in-person or via telemedicine. This gives you the comfort of convenience while you travel. Our certified and extremely qualified psychologists are available for appointments 24/7 with MODO mobile medical care. Physical therapy and other options can also be extended while on the island and in your hotel or home. Wellness treatment has never been more convenient and with the luxury of a MODO private doctor, you can extend your care globally. 

Be sure to explore our medical travel memberships for you and your loved ones. This gives you discounted rates and treatments along with a handful of other great services you need while traveling. Ask about the membership plans or visit our membership page for more information to see if it is right for you. 

Concierge Wellness Services

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Straight From The Source

Just wanted to make a note of how wonderful the treatment of the Modo Doctors was to us. we had a very bad trauma that meant we suffered physically from a boat accident. The nurses treated us first thing in the morning and followed up in the afternoon with an IV treatment that got us feeling great.



Mobile IV Treatments Maui

Convenient IV treatment in the comfort of your room or home

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Recover, energize, and revitalize your health, our team is ready!

IV Hydration
  • Restore and refresh the bodies natural water and salt balance
  • IV fluids with electrolytes are not only great when you are sick or dehydrated from an illness, they can be administered PREVENTATIVELY.
  • Used by athletes to hydrate before exhausting athletic activity and also post activity to properly rehydrate
IV Vitamin Therapy
  • IV Vitamin therapy is sometimes also referred to as Intravenous vitamin therapy.
  • Allows for the direct administration of vitamins, fluids, minerals and amino acids directly into the bloodstream for complete absorption. The result is quick recovery from illnesses such as viruses and infections, better sleep, stronger immune system, improvement in energy and overall health and performance
  • This unique and innovative approach to replenishing lost vitamins in the body has shown to be effective in a variety of conditions and illnesses.
Hangover/Hangover prevention
  • Flush toxins and refresh the bodies proper liquid balance 
  • While MODO does not encourage over consumption of alcohol, we do understand the errors that occur after too many alcoholic beverages
Myers' Cocktail
  • Myers plus, glutathione, B12, and anti-inflammatory treatment 
Energy/Focus boost
  • Pick me up when feeling tired, run down, sleep deprived, and in need of a natural healthy medically safe extra boost of energy to get through your work week or busy schedule
  • Besides restoring hydration; antioxidants, electrolytes, and vitamins are available to detoxify your body and re-energize you before or after an activity/event.
  • Helps with “traveler’s fatigue” which includes: jet lag, stress, dehydration, and feeling rundown with a lowered immune system
Sports & Fitness
  • Activities such as: marathons, triathlons, or MMA/ CrossFit training; all generate lactic acid build up in your muscles and depletes your body’s hydration
Addiction Medicine
  • Acute private alcohol and drug detox: opiates, amphetamines, more
  • Access to therapists, detox specialists, and coaching

Your health, our Happiness

The luxury of private urgent care 24/7 is finally an affordable and reasonable value for such convenience.