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  • Head: minor concussions and trauma
  • Ears: foreign body and ear wax removal, ruptured eardrum, minor trauma
  • Eyes: Corneal Abrasion, Foreign Body Removal, Minor Trauma
  • Nose: Foreign Body In Nostril, Minor Trauma
  • Throat: fish bone foreign body removal
  • Musculoskeletal: sprains, fractures, trauma
  • Extremities: Lacerations, cuts, burns, abrasions, fractures able to get xray and splinting.
  • Joints: Dislocated shoulders-elbows- fingers-toes
  • Hands/Feet: Nail injuries, injured nail removal, foreign body (fish hook, thorns, sea urchin), ingrown toenail,
  • Skin: lacerations, trauma
  • Abdomen: minor trauma

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